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The Benefits of Wellness Plans

Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer our clients (and patients) health care Wellness Plans to aid in the yearly preventative medicine that is recommended by our veterinarians for pets.

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Pet Wellness Plan Benefits

Pet Wellness Plans at Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital are not an insurance or sick pet plan. This plan only covers core wellness and preventative medicine recommended to you by your veterinarian, for the year.

That means that we have met with your veterinarian and made a list of essential vaccines, bloodwork, preventatives as well as your pet’s health exam and a second 6-month wellness exam that your pet will need for the year. We then discounted the total of all of these exams and services by 10%.

The plan allows you to make monthly payments (on this total) over the course of 12 months instead of you paying the total all at once at your pet’s annual visit.

When you sign up for the Wellness Plan you will also receive a 10% discount on some of our most common services.
(SQ Fluids, Anal Gland Expression, Ear Clean – Basic or Extensive, Hot Spot Treatment, In House Cytology- Ear/ Lump/ Skin, Laser Treatment, Microchip, Nail Trim, Wound Cleaning)

Benefits For Our Patients

  • More positive visits for your pet (not just coming in when sick)
  • BEST medicine for the pets = BEST life for the pets
  • Increase the life span of the pets with better / full vaccine coverage and preventative bloodwork
  • Checked every 6 months – Catch medical issues early

Pet Wellness Plans

Benefits for Our Clients

Listed below are many of the benefits that we have heard from our clients about our Pet Wellness Plans. 

  • Simple
  • Peace of mind
  • Set it and forget it- auto-draft
  • No large upfront fees
  • Budget their finances
  • Spreading the cost out over 12 months
  • Less financial stress at visits knowing you are budgeted.
  • By splitting financial burden pet owners may have a better opportunity to bring all of their pets in to the vet where some pets are not coming in routinely.
  • No more single doses of prevention- Many clients are purchasing single doses because that is what is the most affordable. With being on our Wellness Plans clients can now get 6 doses at a time and don't have to call and come in monthly anymore!
  • Discounts!!
  • All of your Vet’s recommendations are included
  • Clients know that they are getting the most recommended products and services for their pets
  • Help prevent emergency visits by allowing the client to come in sooner than waiting
  • Allows clients to be more proactive then reactive
  • Visits are more positive for our clients
  • Many visits end with the client not needing to pay in the hospital because it is already taken care of with monthly payments.
  • Stronger relationships are built with Vet. and staff
  • Clients know the upfront cost for their pets
  • Knowing their pets are going to be checked every 6 months
  • Clients will not have one large bill for yearly expenses.
  • Senior pet owners can find relief knowing they will get extra discounts
  • Puppies/Kittens are receiving the initial course of vaccines and visits at a BIG savings
  • Puppy/Kittens on the plan come back as recommended by the veterinarian for all necessary vaccinations.

New Patients Welcome

Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital is accepting new patients! Our experienced vets are passionate about the health of companion animals in Morton and surrounding areas. Get in touch today to book your pet's first appointment.

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