Fitness 4 Paws

Fitness 4 Paws

Fitness Four Paws is expanding their services!

Anne Havey of Fitness Four Paws is very excited to tell you about the program developed for performance and working dogs of every level. Whether you participate periodically or are involved daily, we understand the physical demands of the canine athlete. Just as with people, it is important to keep these four legged athletes fit for performance, minimize injuries, and help them reach their maximum potential.

Fitness 4 Paws

Four Paws has created a program to increase flexibility and mobility pre-event, as well as, addressing their more critical needs post- event or workout, helping to rebuild and restore from the physical demands of their activities. We have developed a three tier program designed for you to select the program that best fits your athlete’s needs, based on physical condition and activity level. All treatment packages are a two visit plan for pre-event and post-event, depending on your athlete’s unique needs.

These dogs are athletes and need to be treated as such.

SPORT PROGRAM: Designed for the “hobbyist”, this program is perfect for the dog that competes hard but not on a regular basis. This is a warm up and restore program for light to moderate activity.

  • Pre event session: 20 minutes
  • Post event session:25 minutes
  • Price: 65.00

COMPETITOR PROGRAM: Designed for the dog that where his activity level is a “lifestyle” and competes regularly. This program addresses their more strenuous demands from this regular activity.

  • Pre event session: 30 minutes pre warm up
  • Post event session: 30 minutes
  • Price: $100.00

ULTIMATE COMPETITOR: For the dog that has made a career out of physical activity. Agility, schutzhund, and service dogs can all benefit from this program.

  • Pre event session: 30 minute warm up
  • Post event session: 30 minute
  • Price: $ 150.00

Multiple Modalities Available:

Laser Therapy Class IV laser

Acupuncture Laser treatments



Signing up is easy!

Ask your Veterinarian to sign a recommendation authorizing laser and massage therapy for your dog. If you are a patient at Stoney Creek already just call and sign up Anne can talk to your doctor for you!

For more information on Anne Havey Contact us,

Anne Havey

Fitness Four Paws is under the supervision of Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital

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