Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital

701 Kedron Avenue, Route 420
Morton, PA 19070


No DescriptionSquirrel Dude- you'd be "nuts" not to have this freaky little purple squirrel that you can stuff with treats or your dogs kibble.  It has a patented "treat meter" inside so that if you dog/puppy gets too frustrated you can cut one of the points and make the food come out faster.  Great toy for seperation anxiety, or just some down time.


No DescriptionWaggle
-  this fun bar bell shaped toy has the treat meters on each end to stuff with your dog's kibble.  It will slow your dogs meal down.  This is a great toy for the dog/puppy that inhales his/her meal!


No DescriptionTug a Jug
-  your dog will have hours of fun and frustration seeing, smelling and pulling this toy around trying to figure out how to get to get the treats out.  There are 2 sizes of this toys, a small for your smaller dogs and large for the power dogs!


No DescriptionTwist n Treat
-  these fun discs are easy to fill and look like flying saucers.  You decide how difficult you want to make it for you dog to get the treats and he/she will be following the wobbly movement all over the room! This toy comes in 2 sizes.


These toys are all food related and will tire your dog out and give you a break from being the constant entertainment center.  When the play time is over you should take these toys away from your dog therefore making them "special" and from you, the giver of all good things.


The holidays are fast approaching and we don't want to forget our furry friends!  And our prices are much more reasonable than those "chain" stores!


You can find these toys in the lobby at Stoney Creek or just talk to a receptionist or ask for Anne, the trainer.

Soprano is enjoying our new toys....
No Description