International Guide Dog Day

For International Guide Dog Day, we wanted to share some insight on one of the guide dog programs, The Seeing Eye! We are very lucky to have one of our very own team members, Dr. Henry, who helps to raise puppies for The Seeing Eye!…

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How To Safely Share The Thanksgiving Holiday With Your Pets

Important Information For Our Clients Regarding COVID-19 Virus

Things have been changing very quickly with the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in the U.S. and we have been actively making changes along the way to help care for and protect our staff, our clients, your pets and the community we serve. We are still able…

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Training Cats Using Positive Reinforcement Methods

By Matthew P. Dempler My wife and I own six cats and have had most of them since 2011. I had long thought that training cats wasn’t something that was possible as they are not motivated to please humans like our beloved dogs are. Recently,…

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